Ride The Cargo Fashion Trend

  • Oct 29, 2018

As we wonder when the military trend will make its last stand, it continues to hold strong by expanding in a number of new directions. In its sights? Cargo pants in khaki, navy and black.

The original cargo pants were a loose-fitting garment made from cotton twill fabric that featured large, generous pockets along the sides of the legs. The pants were traditionally made for military use in fatigue green, but managed to make their way onto the commercial and work apparel scene. Designers from Paris, Milan and New York caught onto the cargo-pant style, and commercialized it by displaying designer versions in a much more slender form on the runways.

"Cargo chic is steaming-hot right now. I've noticed cargo pocket on everything from high-fashion misses' trousers to casual crop pants," says Taraynn Lloyd, director of marketing at Edwards Garment. Since the military trend comes with a palate of neutrals, cargo pants can be paired with any other color in the fashion-apparel spectrum – from other neutrals to bright colors. For men, the look is best worn with something conservative, like a V-neck sweater or a polo shirt. For women, pair cargo pants with heels, booties or flats for a look that can go from the office to the club. For both sexes, casual shirt with a denim jacket or blazer.

Fashion houses have unveiled a trimmer pair of cargo pants that deviate from the garment's loose-fitting origins. But for promotional purposes, any style will fit with the interest in cargo couture. They are a great unisex go-to when all other pants are failing to create the right look – on those days when jeans feel too tight and trousers look too proper. So embrace the continued revival of the military trend with full force and offer your clients an updated look in cargo pants, either skinny or wide.

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