Dickies Fit Continuum For Women’s Pants

Getting the right fit is crucial when it comes to uniforming. “Employees don’t just come in one size,” explains Susan Kohout, marketing director of Dickies Occupational Wear. “If you’re doing a uniform program, you have to fit in all size ranges to make employees presentable in a work environment.”

That’s why the supplier recently expanded the fit continuum for women’s pants, after studying body scan data collected by specialty retail mannequin company Alvanon. With its slim and relaxed fit pants, Dickies was representing about 60% of the women’s market, but the company had been ignoring a large segment of women. After adding a curvy fit to the mix, Dickies is capturing all but 11% of that market, according to Sue Moy, general manager of women’s apparel for the supplier.

Curvy fit jeans and khakis from Dickies have fullness built all around the back and tummy, not just the hips, so wearers don’t get an unflattering “jodhpur” effect or gapping at the waist, Moy says. “Everything was wear-tested for women,” she adds. In addition, Dickies added plus-size pants, starting at 18W for women, creating sizing based on Alvanon data, rather than just sizing up from “missy” specs. “The next size up is not always an inch bigger,” Moy says. “Plus-size women have curves and fullness at different parts of the body.” Offering women’s plus sizes is also important for uniform programs, so that larger women aren’t automatically put into men’s garments and left feeling miserable and not looking as presentable as their smaller-size counterparts, Kohout says. “It does help them feel comfortable and not worry about how they’re looking,” she adds.

Another component of Dickies’ fit continuum is its modern fit pants, targeted to the athleisure demographic. Similar to yoga pants, these pull-on stretch trousers skim the body and offer a full range of movement, but are dressy enough to wear to work.