Case Study: Sold-Out Show

Ticket sales for the concert were sluggish. The promoter needed to do something to stimulate interest – and fast. Fortunately, KTP Design Company was there to help with a deftly targeted promotion. Working through a distributor, KTP provided the promoter with 200 of its Custom Knitted Soccer Scarf With Fringe. The promoter used the scarves as an enticement: Buy a ticket, get a free scarf. Overnight, tickets started moving. So rapid were the sales that KTP’s distributor quickly reordered – and then re-ordered again. Ultimately, KTP produced about 800 scarves, and helped make the distributor a hero. “It was very visible ROI,” says KTP Design President Patrick Walsh. “The scarf directly stimulated sales.” The promotion worked well because the scarves, which featured the headlining act’s name, appealed to the 18-to-34-year-olds the promoter targeted. This demographic loves soccer, and these scarves were the equals of the scarves worn ubiquitously by European soccer fans. “The scarves’ style and the fact they were practical because it was cold outside made this a perfect promotion,” says Walsh. Made from extra-soft acrylic yarns, the scarf can feature logos, designs, team names and more that are knitted as part of the item, not embroidered or printed on. This gives the scarf a high-perceived value that attracts colleges, high schools, corporations and more.