Delicious Food Makes A Great Gift

Maybe not fruit cake or green beans, but chocolate? Everyone will gladly accept chocolate. Food is such a great item at the holidays as it is the season of sharing, and [there are] lots of festive gatherings and parties at home and work. Also, food—and chocolate—makes people so happy and it is easy to bring to an event as the holidays can also be such a hectic time with family, work and back-to-school. Varieties of flavors create fun conversations and all items are individually wrapped, so no sticky fingers or double dipping.

Those individually wrapped items are convenient, but variety also helps to avoid sending the exact same gift each year. For example, Taylor and Grant offer multiple food choices, packaging and flavors this year. The decoration is also an additional feature that can be altered each year. Some companies have us insert their holiday card or calendar, and that can go with a different gift each year.

Once again, they make great gifts for your clients to give, but also for you to present to your customers. Ordering bulk boxes and having them sent directly to you at your office so you and your sales reps can hand deliver them makes such a memorable impact. It provides a reason for the rep to stop by the client or prospect’s office with their card, thank them for the business during the year, mention a new service and say, “Talk to you in January”.