Promo Products Are Perfect Partners For IT Firm

Back Bay Networks, an IT consulting firm, regularly employs promotional products in its marketing efforts. “We have been sending fun toys or funny products – along with an info sheet – to companies just to have them pick it up, see our logo and remember us in the future if they have computer problems,” says Jake Lang, business development and marketing coordinator.

The giveaways serve as a conversation starter. “They have definitely received interest and helped us build our potential client list,” says Lang.

The price point varies depending on the type of client. Since Back Bay is an IT service company, it has a lower volume of clients but a high- and long-term profit margin, as the majority of its customers purchase yearly service contracts. “In our case, we believe the extra expense for customized marketing is worth the money to obtain a multi-year customer,” he says.

The company’s biggest success to date came from a local soccer club. “We had worked with them in the past, but when they realized our increased marketing initiatives, they reached out to us and offered us an incredible deal – to become their official IT partner,” Lang says. Back Bay got advertising rights throughout all of the soccer club’s facilities and events, including promotional ceiling banners, indoor soccer wall boards and an entire indoor soccer goal wrap in return for a discounted IT service rate.

“This new partnership put us in contact with a number of new clients and thousands of potential clients,” he says. “This one partnership will easily cover the expenses of running the promotional campaign.”

Some of Back Bay’s giveaways that have been particularly well received include a Rubix Cube with the company’s logo replacing the white squares, and a note that reads, “If your computer issues are tougher than this Rubix Cube, give us a call.” Back Bay also has sent out “Boogie Bots,” logoed dancing robots. “This usually gets some laughs and a phone call or email saying ‘thanks,’” Lang says.

Another popular giveaway was a Magic 8 Ball with the company logo and a note, “Ask the magic IT ball about your IT issues. And if that doesn’t work, give us a call because we have the answer.”

The company attends a lot of trade shows and local town events, and brings along promotional materials like pens, key chains, bottle openers, flash drives, water bottles and T-shirts to hand out to potential clients.

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