Smooth Sailing

Amid the hustle and bustle of modern travel, little comforts, conveniences and items that help with organization go a long way toward improving the experience. In this reality lies opportunity: You can play hero by delivering branded items that help alleviate road weariness for travelers logging miles for business or leisure. 

Given the reliance on mobile devices, charging tools are universally appreciated items that will power promotion for clients in practically every industry. For example, corporations and large nonprofits that have representatives frequently taking to the air or train for work can reward these faithful employees with quality power banks that keep their devices live and connected while they’re on the move. 

Meanwhile, travelers leery of the ever- present threat of identity theft will appreciate items like Leed’s passport wallet with RFID technology. The ingenious item prevents tech-savvy thieves from electronically stealing information from ID and credit cards inside the wallet. 

Travel, of course, is facilitated by more than just technology items. Red-eye road warriors will welcome the silken eye mask from FIEL, while Ariel’s useful travel kit is full of practical tidbits. Also, people who attend trade shows will be thankful for the lip-moisturizing relief they get with Snuzg soy lip balm

From tote bags to distinctive luggage tags, we offer abundant selections for traveling end-users in 2015.