Bags That Send ‘Clear’ Signals

THE TRANSPARENT TOTE bag and purse trend has exploded over the past season, especially in the retail and wholesale markets. Numerous suppliers are providing them in all shapes, sizes and even colors, as are retail favorites like Forever 21 and even the swanky California-based boutique Forward by Else Walker.

Tania Sanchez, client specialist for Acehigh Tech Corp., says the transparent tote trend has developed not just in response to style but security. “Transparent bags are becoming a trend for two reasons: in response to the heightened security issues and in response to fashion itself,” she says. “Many places now have a requirement that all bag contents must be visible to ensure the safety of others. These bags provide an easy way to showcase all items and give you the assurance that no one is concealing any harmful objects.” In terms of fashion, Sanchez says that see-through totes are an easy and subtle way of flaunting. “The fashion statement given by these bags is none other than ‘look at what I have,’” she admits. “After all, we don’t just use things we like, but things we think others will like as well.”