White: A blank canvas for brand identity

White should never be underestimated when it comes to logo apparel – particularly this summer, where it’s made major comeback on the runway. The latest designs from Reed Krakoff feature refreshing variety of whites paired with other neutrals, and 

Dolce & Gabbana’s gorgeous white dresses stamped with dramatic floral prints are stunning. Timeless and classic, white is stupendous on its own or in consort with other colors, especially brights, which are also in vogue this season. “White is normally associated with a certain freshness, and is bright without being overpowering,” says Monika Rene, customer-service representative at Bishop The Garment Co. “Such qualities are ideal when it comes to a promotional campaign.” She mentions white’s remarkable ability to project both color and graphics. 

“White acts like a blank canvas that showcases the brand identity applied to it,” she says, “providing the perfect background to exhibit text or imagery.” Nancy Robitaille, apparel and headwear designer for Fersten Worldwide Inc., reminds us that white remains a longtime symbol of warm weather. “White is the epitome of the summer season – it comes across as being clean, fresh and bright after a long winter of dull blacks and grays,” she says. Her suggestions for adopting the neutral into a wardrobe? Layer white on white “for a slimming, tonal look” or use a splash for something bolder.