Pantone’s Silver Cloud is a sophisticated, satiny alternative to muted neutrals such as beige and black. Its sheeny overtones make it a perfect holiday hue, lending tops, bottoms and even accessories a little extra charm. Amanda Carter, marketing manager for Ellington Handbags , declares Silver Cloud “a modern neutral.” “It has more visual interest than basic blacks and browns,” she comments, adding that it is still versatile enough to be applicable to a wide range of industries and settings.

“This classic color suits all businesses, big and small,” says Shauna Covey, marketing coordinator for Bella-Alo “It delivers a polished, classy look.” She adds that in terms of apparel; gray in general “will always be a fundamental shade for the promotional products industry.”

One reason Silver Cloud – with its elements of gray and silver – is such a favorite at retail and wholesale is its potential for pairing with virtually any color, bright or subdued. This is good news for companies looking to update their logo. Covey notes how it can be dynamically paired with other colors when used in embroidery or print or simply stand out by itself. “Matching darker tones of gray with lighter tones creates the perfect contrast,” she says.

Another great quality this color has going for it is the fact that it’s appropriate for both office and casual attire. It’s simultaneously “professional enough for the workplace ... yet trendy enough for after-hours functions,” Covey says. She recommends darker shades of Silver Cloud for schools, hotels and the corporate market and softer shades for collegiate or resort industries.