Nothing says summer more effectively than white apparel, whether it’s a jacket, a polo shirt, a pair of shorts or even a tote bag. This neutral is a warm-weather favorite because of its natural ability to repel light and thus keep the heat at bay. It’s also elegant and sophisticated and presents a perfect opportunity for integrating bright colors via textile patterning or logos. Finally, white apparel comes in many different shades, allowing for plenty of product- selection variety.

“More and more customers are requesting white apparel these days,” says Jason Neve, marketing and communications representative and graphic designer for Boardroom Eco.  One attribute white offers promotional apparel, Neve says, is its ability to stand out, particularly when paired with dark neutrals or bright colors. “White is a blank canvas that really shows off a logo,” he says. “Whether embroidered, silk- screened or decorated with a heat transfer, white makes colors pop out, especially vibrant colors like bright blue, violet and grass green.”

While white apparel is most often marketed to women, it’s also showcased in men’s jackets and polos. As far as industries that are sweet on white, Neve cites the food and beverage industry as a top consumer along with resorts. “White has always been a staple apparel color for skiers and snow- boarders,” he says. White also has a design-oriented aspect to it, Neve adds, highlighting brands like Apple and Ikea.

Neve suggests that any industry involved in street-level promotions consider white because of its vibrancy and ability to seize attention. “Any company that wants to make an impact and stand out in a crowd should consider white,” he says. In addition, companies involved in health and wellness or nutrition are good targets. Lastly, consider implementing white into a company uniform, as it makes for a refreshing alternative to traditional colors.