Color Trends In Company Uniforms

Picking colors for uniform programs isn’t rocket science. It’s frequently a matter of reflecting corporate colors and choosing basic neutrals. However, the strength of bright colors at retail this year is indeed widening the palette.

This year, Edwards Garment added red, buttercup and cucumber to its line of popular stretch blouses, rounding out popular basics such as black, heather grey and navy. “Use red as an accent color,” says Taraynn Lloyd, marketing director at Edwards Garment. “It really catches the eye of any patron at a restaurant, hotel or service desk. Adding a new blouse in an accent color is an economical way to extend a current uniform program, and it offers versatility for wearers.”

Executive Apparel has also expanded its color palette in response to market demand, balancing earthy neutrals with pops of bright. “The colors that we feel are the most exciting are olive and sand, which leans toward taupe,” says CEO Donald Singer. “We haven’t forgotten the primary colors, either. After hearing more and more from our customers, we have added new Club Colors to our Ultralux polyester line of blazers. This line, so far, includes gold, purple, royal blue, Kelly green and red. Also worth mentioning is our blouse line, which has several new shades being added like butter and light blue.” Singer stresses, however, that traditional shades of black and navy continue to vie for the top slot in uniforms, though hunter green and gray are coming on strong as well. “Our changes are normally very subtle compared with Seventh Avenue,” he says.

The takeaway: Consider traditional options complemented by more fashionable accents. Adding a bit of flair goes a long way when paired with a classic for work uniforms.