Swag Is Good For Your Business

If you’re thinking about advertising your company, you’ve got a lot of choices. Choosing the medium that’s right for you can be a challenge: right now, you can choose from radio, print, T.V., online, direct, or telephone marketing (just to name a few). The problem? Not every medium is right for your business, and not every method produces favorable results for your organization.

Confused? Us too.

That is, until we got our hands on some interesting fun facts about advertising methods. We have to admit; we were patting ourselves on the back after we read these statistics.

It appears that we’re in the right type of marketing business: promotional products produced the best results advertising-wise. Take a look for yourself:

Need to be remembered? Promotional products have the best retention.
According to a Hope Hopkins survey, people who received promotional products had higher retention and recall. When asked if they could remember a company’s name, clients who received promotional products were able to do so 76.1% of the time. Those who interacted with companies via print could only recall a company’s name 53.5% of the time. Banner ads? A dismal 27% recall rate. Oh, and one more thing: companies who give promotional products away at trade shows are 71.6% more likely to be remembered after the event. We think that’s pretty cool.

Promo products are like the Energizer Bunny: they just keep on going.
Everyone wants their marketing budget to work harder. When you invest in promotional products, you get long lasting exposure. Based on the DWF Airport Study by L.J. Research, 45.2% of clients use a promotional product once a day, and a whopping 73% of clients use them once a week. The question is: are they interacting with your company?

Want to look good? (Don’t we all.)
Guess what, improving your company image doesn’t need to involve a total brand overhaul. Making a positive impression is as simple as giving away a promotional product. According to a Georgia Southern University Study, people who received a branded product from an advertiser had a 52.1% more favorable impression and 76.3% had a favorable attitude toward the company. With promotional products, looking good just got a whole lot easier.

Create buzz.
It can take a lot of work to earn a good referral, but promotional products can increase the odds you’ll get one. Get this: you get 500% more referrals when you offer a product incentive. Seriously, we’re not making that up: the folks at Louisiana State University figured that out! That’s some return on investment. Icing on this cake? A Baylor University study shows that clients are 15% more likely to provide leads after receiving a promotional product, and companies who give free gifts get 22% more referrals than those that didn’t.

The kicker: why you should give away promotional products.
After receiving a promotional product, 52% of the recipients do business with the advertiser. Enough said.

If you’re ready to begin an advertising campaign, add promotional products to your marketing arsenal: they’ll help you be remembered, create a positive impression, and most importantly get you business.

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