Your Logo Called. It Feels Unappreciated.

Most likely, you have a logo that accurately and effectively represents your business. But, I have a question for you. Are you getting the most out of it?

If you’re like most business owners, your logo is being under-utilized. 

Here’s the thing. You probably spent a good chunk of cash creating a clever, eye-catching logo. But, your logo is not worth the money you spent on it if no one ever sees it.

Try putting your logo in the following places:

The Usual Suspects
Websites, business cards, and stationary, oh my! It’s a no-brainer to put your logo on these essential marketing pieces. When someone visits your website, receives your business card, or opens a piece of mail from you your logo should be front and center. But, this is just the start. There are several other ways you can and should be using your logo. 

On Apparel
A logo is a visual representation of your brand. You need to get it out in the world so as many people can see it as possible. Where better to put it than your clothing? You might not know this, but when you put your logo on your apparel, you get a tax write-off. Even better? You’ve turned yourself into a walking billboard. Trust me, when people see you wearing a logo, they ask about it. Think of how many awkward elevator pitches you’ve attempted to start. Wouldn’t it just be easier if the other person asked what you did because they were curious about the logo on your shirt? We think so.

The next time you’re thinking of giving a gift, think of branding it first. Blankets, tote bags, and caps make terrific presents, so why not put your logo on them before you give them away? When your friends and family wear their gear, they’ll be marketing your business. Again, when you brand these gifts you can take a tax write-off, and you’re increasing the odds someone around town will notice your business.

Client Thank-Yous
You don’t have to be extravagant to show your clients that they’re appreciated. There are plenty of affordable desk-items that you can brand and send to your clients as a thank-you. Plus, when you send a practical item with your logo on it, you’re increasing the odds you’ll get a referral (your name will be staring them in the face when they’re on the phone with clients). When you send your clients a branded thank-you, you’re killing two birds with one stone: showing your gratitude AND marketing your business.

On Practically Anything
When it comes down to it, you can put your logo on just about anything these days (we can help you with this of course). Your logo can be put on something small, like a sticker, or something very large like a car. For ideas, think about what your clients need to navigate their day. Is there anything they might find useful that you could put a logo on? Some ideas that come to mind immediately are reusable shopping bags, water bottles, and journals.

The message? Use your logo to its fullest! When you brand everyday and not-so-everyday items, you’re ensuring brand visibility and getting your logo in front of people. You’ll love the results.