Logo Apparel HOT HUE: BLUE

Whether it’s cyan, teal or turquoise, blue remains one of the most popular colors of logo apparel. Possessing numerous positive attributes and often associated with tranquility, good health and faith, blue of all shades effectively lends itself to promotional wear by encouraging positive qualities with companies utilizing this hue.

“When you enter a place of business and you see all of the employees in customized blue shirts, hats and pants, you get the message that the company takes its services seriously,” says Bayo Simmonds, president of Assertive Creativity LLC, labeling blue “a very corporate-friendly branding color” due to its longstanding association with reliability. Although blue is in vogue year-round, Simmonds stresses the importance of introducing it with apparel for spring, when blue increases in popularity. “Blue is an excellent way to introduce new spring products,” he notes, “particularly those in the light-blue family.” Valentina Huang, vice president of marketing and sales at Pro-Celebrity, suggests that navy can act as an effective neutral. “Many companies use navy as a substitute for black, provided the navy is a rich, dark hue,” she states, adding, “The darker the navy, the more versatility you have.” Navy is often paired with bright yellow, gold, white or red when used in a logo design. These colors offset each other well because they’re primary colors, from which all other hues are made.

While blue is applicable across industry lines, Simmonds emphasizes that hospitality, transportation and travel industries are all great candidates for blue apparel.  Also companies associated with water, such as spas, swimming pool retailers and utility companies should are consider this top selling hue.