Trend Alert: Summer Scarves

People want to buy clothing and accessories that are multi-purpose – that way; they feel they get their money's worth. The popularity of scarves has grown over the years because people know about the countless ways to wear them. As always, scarves are a popular choice in the cooler months, but the ubiquity of the accessory has spanned the seasons to make it a top choice during the warm days of the year.

 In spring and summer fashion, scarves are often used as a pop of color, with an interesting pattern, bright color or both. In addition to being neckwear, scarves are used as headwear, wraps and even as belts, especially when it's warm. Plus, a lighter fabric like silk is an excellent choice for this time of year; it's comfortable without feeling too heavy or stifling.

"We've found that women are not only accessorizing their wardrobes by wearing scarves around their necks, but also using them as head scarves or around their waists as sashes," says Kelly Holmes, trade show coordinator for Buffalo Bay. "For an extra bit of color, they are also tying them on the handles of their purses or bags."

Promotional scarves are perfect accessories to give clients because they're something fashionable that people will actually wear. Scarves are set to be a must-have corporate apparel accessory this summer, and can work as a fun fashion giveaway for retail stores and boutiques. Not only will scarves make a wonderful accent to an outfit – they might be the one item that brings the whole outfit together.