Hot Hue - Violet

Bright colors are at the top of the fashion A-list this winter, and violet is no exception. Majestic and alluring, violet can be applied successfully to a wide range of promotional apparel campaigns. Hovering between pink and purple on the color spectrum, violet commands attention and beckons the eye.

“Purple in general is very popular right now,” says Barrie Cliett, national sales manager for Boxercraft She cites violet as one of the most sought- after shades of purple in the apparel industry. “It’s considered both a trendy sports-team color and fashion hue,” she says.

Cliett lauds this hue for its adapt- ability across the promotional industry and asserts the importance of integrating it. “Purple is very versatile. Businesses looking for a fashionable color with appeal to both sexes are investing in it,” she says, labeling it the “go-to fashion color.” Boxer- craft will introduce several new purple products in its 2012 lineup.

Lee Strom, senior marketing manager at SanMar , also notes violet’s trendiness. “Violet is an excellent choice for any embroidered logo and presents a great knit, woven, fleece or outerwear option,” he says. “It’s a great shade to match with traditionally corporate neutrals such as black and gray, as well as more casual denims and khakis.”

In addition, Strom says violet is a notable replacement for blue, particularly for suits because darker shades are appropriate for business wear. “It attracts attention, without being so distinct as to be a distraction,” he says.