Brighten up your clients’ winter!

According to Brett Straff, president of 20 Degrees Below, people prefer branded winter apparel and accessories in an array of color choices. In addition, people are looking for branded apparel with the “current styling and technical design elements found in retail trends,” says Jeff Nero of Tri-Mountain. “They’re also looking for apparel suitable for the environment where the apparel will be used, like snow, cold, rain and wind, along with technical features to counter these elements.” Schools, athletic teams, corporate offices, truckers, outdoor workers, as well as youth groups should consider promotional coats and jackets this fall and winter.


Check Mate!

You can't go wrong with plaid – you just can’t. A fashion staple for years, plaid stylings adorn everything from apparel to hard goods. Everyone from West Coast rockers to Northeastern preps drape themselves in plaid. You’ll find classic stylings on flannel and dress shirts, and some with updated features that ensures your plaid piece is current. Dress it up or dress it down, plaid is appropriate in a grunge rock concert hall or at a country club formal. You’ll find classic tartan patterns on ties and scarves for a sophisticated look and bold, traditional patterns on jackets, flannel shirts and hats exude a he-man vibe. 


Revolutionary Headwear

Flexfit Delta is a revolutionary cap that is the lighter, sleeker, smarter and more comfortable choice. It fuses panels with a seamless, stitch-free finish and it couples a lightweight visor fabrication with a new 3-Layer multi-function sweatband for sweat absorption, stain prevention and quick drying. There’s even patent-pending stain block tech that prevents sweat staining on the cap’s crown. It also features a water repellent functionality. New lightweight, hard buckram.


Packable Outerwear Is Trending


Thanks to companies like Patagonia, The North Face, Marmot and other popular outdoor brands, outerwear has become popular in the promotional industry.  Active lifestyles and minimalist values have drawn consumers to packable outerwear for the versatility it offers. Vantage Apparel, for example, offers a water-resistant jacket that folds into a self-pouch, making it easy for the wearer to toss it into a backpack or purse when they're on the go. Think about the number of impressions your brand receives, when the wearer has a multi-season jacket that's functional, light and compressible. It goes everywhere with them!

Inspire With Branded Headwear

When it comes to branded headwear, it's quality over quantity. It's more meaningful to give away 600 caps, that will be worn time and time again, than to give away 1000 inexpensive caps that will quickly disappear. 

Choosing the right hat for the right promotion is crucial; end users will actually wear an on-trend accessory. Headwear is a tremendous avenue for companies looking to boost brand awareness. There's no better billboard for a company than a custom branded cap.


Summer Fashion Trends

Celebrate summer with fashion-forward apparel that gets your clients’ brand buzzing. On-trend promotional clothing “often becomes your clients' favorite item to wear,” thus increasing visibility, says Glen Brumer, sales director at Royal Apparel. 

According to Brumer, this season, clients are seeking eco-friendly, sustainable styles, made-in-USA garments, “athleisure” – including leggings and tank tops – military chic camo, vintage looks, soft-hand fabrics and polos. 
In terms of color, greens are extremely popular for summer, says James Andres, marketing coordinator for S&S Activewear. “Between St. Patrick’s Day and Earth Day, there are tons of events and promotional opportunities for green,” he points out. Themes of sustainability and growth also tie in to the hot hue. 


Turn Summer Outing Into A Promotional Reality

On a summer day, dozens of employees gather outside of the office for team building, delicious food and lots of brand-tastic impressions. The CEO and other execs sport logoed aprons while whipping up lunch – using a branded grilling set. Workers pull ice-cold beverages out of insulated cooler bags, reinforcing their positive feelings about the organization that provided such versatile items. Meanwhile, to thank them for working hard this season, the company gives logoed caps and sunglasses to each employee. Paint a picture of this scenario in your mind, and turn it into promotional reality with the eye-catching items like the 2-Side Patch Pocket Apron from Aprons, Etc.


Athletic Wear Is On-Trend

Build your fan base with promotional athletic wear. Wherever end-users go, your company’s message will be proudly displayed. “Athletic wear is on-trend, comfortable and easy to wear,” says Leah Hulon, a designer for Expert Brand. “Gone are the days of athletic wear only being worn during a workout” or during a game.

According to Jim Dusbiber, promotional products sales manager at CHAMPRO Sports, clients prefer athletic attire that has “a contemporary look and feel” as well as modern performance fabrics and the ability to offer a wide range of branding opportunities. “Athletic wear can help a company tie in a ‘teamwork’ theme or foster a culture of physical activity and healthy living for employees,” Dusbiber points out.   


Boost Your Brand This Summer

Winter's finally over; the birds are singing a lovely song, the sun is shining brightly and plants are sprouting. Make sure your logo is in full bloom this season by stocking up on summer giveaways. We offer all the best and brightest items to help you stand out this spring. Choose items from our selection to remind people how much they love your brand. As the weather warms and spring fever takes over, pass out these intoxicatingly cute giveaways and watch your brand exposure soar. While people switch out their wardrobes and start spending more time outside, you can make sure that they see your brand everywhere by imprinting it on any number of great summer promos.