Floral Promotions Inspire Warmth

BRIGHT, COLORFUL FLOWERS epitomize the onset of spring, symbolizing rejuvenation, beauty and hope. Perhaps that’s why a flower show – a mosaic of picturesque plants – appeals to audiences of all ages and walks of life.

Consider eco-friendly ad specialties to advertise flower- filled events, such as recycled or post-consumer products and soy-based inks. Environmentally conscious products are “a great way to promote your company as well as your thoughtfulness toward the Earth,” says Breeze Holmgren, sales and marketing coordinator for Bloomin Promotions.

Images of flowers evoke a “laid-back, fun-loving lifestyle,” according to Sunit Sikri, director at Sun ‘N’ Sand Accessories. In addition to the spring season, Sikri suggests floral promotions “inspire warmth, laughter, friends, family, vacation and harmony.”