March Madness - Your Next Slam-Dunk Promotion

March Madness! According to Benn Chazan, national sales manager at BamBams LLC, ad specialties surrounding this event fall into two categories: cheering products (noisemakers, attention grabbers) and premium products, which are kept and valued after the event. “A combination of these two things will be the most effective,” he says, “or a single item that’s effective in both ways.” Chazan advises, due to the fast pace and uncertainty of March Madness games, products focus on branding for the event (March Madness/NCAA Tournament) instead of specific teams, and items should feature the tournament year, references to Indianapolis (location of the Final Four), and/or some type of brackets in the artwork. “These are staples of March Madness,” he explains, “and they’ll increase the value of the giveaway to the end-user and, by extension, to the advertiser.”