Reusable Totes - More Popular Than Ever

More cities are banning plastic bags, meaning reusable totes are more popular than ever. Grocery stores, farmers markets, festivals, trade shows – anywhere people carry things. They also have appeal for youth markets, for day cares or as birthday party favors. Be strategic with design placement. You can imprint the whole bag, so try sublimating the front and the back. If you want to do an allover print, plan your graphics.

Consider your audience. When creating artwork, use larger lettering so it’s readable across an aisle. It’s not like a cell phone case that’s in your face. Use bigger text. If you use photos in the design, avoid squares. They’re hard to align; it’s easy to spot mistakes. Instead, soften the edges: Then, if the picture is skewed, it won’t stand out as starkly on a rectangular bag.