Reinventing a Classic

Leather jackets have timeless appeal, but when it comes to decoration, there’s no need to stick to the expected left-chest embroidery.

“Leather is the original performance material,” says Pam Morris, decoration manager for Burk’s Bay. It’s stain resistant, easy to care for, durable and long-lasting. “It’ll look like new even after years of wear,” Morris adds. “Many people think a leather jacket actually looks better with wear, unlike any other jacket material.”

Leather coats work for men and women on every rung of the professional ladder, from executives to shop workers. Target markets include transportation, manufacturing, banking, aviation, casinos, fundraising and clubs. “Combine the high perceived value and desirability of a leather jacket with a custom logo, and there’s no better connection between an achievement and an award,” Morris says. “The corporate client will see a great return on their investment as the jacket becomes a status symbol.”

Left-chest decoration is the most popular decoration spot. To stand out, try decorating the cuffs, biceps, back or inside pocket of a leather jacket. Custom neck labels are also popular. Embroidery, whether full-color, tonal or tone-on-tone, offers textural interest to a design, whereas debossing is valued for its subtlety and clean lines, Morris says.