Fall is windbreaker season

Fall is a transitional season, and you can never tell from day to day what the weather will be, which is why the windbreaker is the quintessential autumn garment. Within the advertising specialty industry, there are countless light jackets to fit everyone's need. Here are a couple of things to consider when choosing a style.

Consider desired features. Some light jackets are too thin to protect against the wind and rain. Make sure the jackets you offer have lining for that extra durability, as well as water resistance – something your customers will thank you for. Also important is breathability. Breathability is a key factor that people should consider when looking for a windbreaker. Many windbreakers don't allow the fabric to breath so they can become very hot and uncomfortable during moderate to high levels of activity.

 Functionality is key. When selling to the athletic market in particular, make sure the jacket has movability. Golfers, for example, need the full range of motion when they're out on the course.  In the past, many golfers would wear a wind shirt on a cool/windy day, but lately the trend has leaned toward a lightweight softshell.