Trend Alert: Summer Outerwear

Summer and outerwear usually aren’t two words you’d put together. Summer is when we ditch the jackets and finally pull out our tank tops. However, summer outerwear has a different meaning than winter outerwear. Picture more light vests and jackets for a breezy night at the beach. Or a much-needed rain jacket when summer storms roll in. As much as we’d love for it to stay hot all day long, cool nights do sneak in, and wearers must always be prepared.

One of the trendiest things to wear in the summer right now is a jeans vest, or even the latest thing being a vest trench coat. These are stylish ways to add a layer without fully committing to a jacket. Of course, if your customers are looking for a light jacket or windbreaker, there are stylish choices for both men and women. “We manufacture a beautiful spring/summer/fall 3-layer soft shell that is lightweight, has all the technical properties such as being wind/water resistant but the fabric is very soft with lots of stretch,” says Shurli Allinott, president of Brandwear. Wind- and water-resistant jackets are perfect for outdoors, such as the hiking and boating markets; they are popular activities in the warmer seasons, particularly in areas with fluctuating temperatures. Allinott also says of their popular jacket, “It’s a perfect travelling fabric as it can roll up to be very small with no bulk, and the wrinkles fall out when you wear it.” It’s a huge bonus with all the traveling done in the summer.

There are certain things to consider when promoting summer outerwear over winter outerwear. Naturally, lighter material is better, whether it’s for active people or just hanging out outside – no one wants bulk in the summer. Having bright colors as options helps as well, since they feel more seasonally appropriate. Nautical is also always associated with warmer seasons and can make for stylish anoraks and blazers. While summer outerwear can be tricky, it’s important to keep the end user in mind and what their needs are, no matter the temperature outside.