The Uniqueness of Garment Dyed

The great thing about garment-dyed apparel is that every generation can appreciate its lived-in look and feel, allowing for an easy promotional item to offer customers. “The softer hand from the ringspun cotton, along with the earthy tones in the pigment dye, creates a unique finish that is in high demand,” says Scott Marino, owner of Neon Trees/Panda Apparel. “They are soft right out of the box and get even softer with additional laundering. They quickly become one of the most comfortable shirts people own.”

Most garments are “mill dyed,” where the fabric is dyed first on large rolls before an item like a T-shirt is created. With garment dying, Marion says, manufacturers take the “raw knitted fabric, sew it into T-shirts and then dye them with special pigments.” While it’s a longer process, this ultimately creates the “unique weathered earth tones” and deep, rich colors that win people over.

College students and groups, always color savvy, have picked up the trend because of its custom capabilities and opportunity to create fun alternatives to school colors.

Garment-dyed T-shirts are viewed as an upgrade from your typical T-shirt. A wide range of consumers love the ‘washed’ look that makes a garment feel like a vintage art piece.