Color-blocking: a trend that’s bold and fun

THE COLOR-BLOCKING CRAZE is still quite alive and well, as evidenced by this spring’s high-contrast, high-fashion interpretations by DSquared, Cedric Charlier and Balmain. This retro-inspired decorating style is an imaginative way for companies to put a spin on promo staples like polos, sweatshirts and jackets to create a successful branding campaign.

Color-blocking is a trend that’s bold and fun and doesn’t quickly go out of style,” says Jennifer Bailey, spokesperson for Dickies. “It’s unique in that it’s multifunctional yet simple at the same time.” The look is a fit for just about anything, from fashion to work wear. And while color blocking is in itself decorative, it leaves plenty of room for logo embellishing.

Color-blocking can be used in a way that’s not overpowering and keeps company logos as the main focal point.