Versatility for All Kinds of Weather

High-visibility apparel must perform in a range of environments. Each profession that uses high-visibility workwear has its distinct requirements. Consider, for example, construction, where workers must be prepared for weather conditions throughout the year. Beyond a standard fluorescent and/or reflective T-shirt for summer, workers need sweatshirts for winter, along with a windbreaker or jacket when temperatures drop. In addition, there are accessories; winter workers need thermal gloves and warm beanies, both of which can be made of high-visibility and/or reflective materials. 

The climate of a work environment matters too. Raincoats and ponchos are perfect for rainy seasons in the upper northwest or the monsoon season in Arizona. Forestry workers and ski patrols can use high-visibility parkas during the depth of winter in snowy regions. 

Truly, there is a high-vis garment for every situation, just as there is with other uniform apparel. Caps, beanies, hard hats, gloves, coats, pants and more are available for an extended year-round program of uniforms.