RAGLAN SLEEVE STYLES are a common sight these days; take a look at Armani’s present collection of men’s suit jackets and Bibhu Mohapatra’s gorgeous coffee-hued raglan-inspired dress. The raglan sleeve has been most notably visible thanks to the enduring popularity of baseball tees, which are a prime example of the sporty color blocking trend that’s still contagious in the high fashion and ready-to-wear arenas. 

“I love this style because it’s classic and almost timeless,” says Michael Ardelean, director of merchandising for Alternative Apparel, about the raglan baseball tee. He comments on the historical aspect of raglan designs: “These baseball tees signify sportswear heritage, as raglan sleeves were initially developed for the athletic functionality and range of movement that they allow. It’s nice to see this vintage athletic look being appreciated by the mainstream.”