What’s New With Tech Accessories?

There’s more to tech accessories than gloves and bags. “Tech accessories are hot items overall, and wearable technology is the latest trend,” says Viktorya Kooistra, director of marketing & communications at Toddy Gear. “We are seeing the popularity of wearable accessories on the rise for everything from smart-watches, fitness trackers and devices that help you find your keys to portable devices and wearables that charge your smartphone.”

Picking up on the trend, Toddy Gear offers a full menu of items that help care for and energize electronic devices. “Our portfolio ranges from the original Smart
Cloth Premium Microfiber Cloth to the one-of-a-kind to microfiber pouches that offer a double-drawstring closure or zip closure, cinch packs and more,” Kooistra says. “All of our premium microfiber products are dual-purpose.” The Wedge, for example, not only offers a plush and silky side to clean and polish screens, respectively, but it also operates as a mobile device stand and as a screen cleaner.