Between corporate and casual apparel, that is. Polo shirts have long been the standard work uniform of trade shows, but they’re becoming popular in many other industries and settings as well. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your image, embroidered polo shirts are an easy—and affordable—way to make a big impact. Here are five reasons why your business should consider using polo shirts as company uniforms or for a promotion. 

1. “Excuse me, do you work here?” 

Today clients are in a hurry and when they need help, they need it NOW. Too often, customers confuse other customers for store employees. When sales associates blend in with the crowd, companies unwittingly annoy their patrons. Avoid confusion: polo shirts are an easy way to make sure your employees stand out. Companies like Best Buy, Petco, and Walmart among others use polo shirts as uniforms. Most likely, you’ve never mistaken these workers with customers and finding help was easier and faster than in stores where no uniform was apparent.

2. An easy “business casual” solution. 

If you’re working in a corporate environment, no doubt you heard the term “business casual.” Here’s the rub: many employees have no idea what business casual means. The result? You get employees clothed in everything from tee shirts to suits (without the jackets). Make it easy to be casual by providing company polos for employees. This way, your staff won’t wake up in the morning confused about what’s appropriate for business casual attire.

3. Project a professional image or create a new image. 
Recently, industries that haven’t used polo shirts in the past are starting to adopt them as uniforms. For instance, auto repair shops and gas stations have been keen on stain resistant polo shirts lately. Not only do these shirts repel stains, they suggest a level of professionalism that helps these businesses stand out from their competitors.

4. Affordable way to look sharp. 
Polos are exponentially more presentable than the typical t-shirt and they’re more affordable than other professional clothing (like a woven shirt, for instance). In addition, polo shirts are extremely durable, so your investment lasts longer.

5. Versatility 
Forget going home and changing after a day at the office. When you incorporate embroidered golf shirts into your professional attire, you’ve added a very versatile piece to your wardrobe. Stated simply: no delays getting to the golf course. If it’s a nice day, you can go straight from work. 
If you’re looking to change your company uniforms, run a promotion, or update your business image, consider using polo shirts. They’re durable, versatile, and just a darn good piece of clothing.