Tank tops are always a summer trend because they're practical for the season: simply put, they help people to stay cool as the temperature heats up. However, the tank top is turning into a year-round stylish addition to any promotional program.

During fall, winter and spring, the tank top can be worn under a favorite cardigan, sweater and blazer, creating a layered look that adds color and chic complexity. It can also be paired with your favorite button down or long sleeve shirt to add a splash of color.

Of course, summer will remain the season most synonymous with tank tops, which can be decorated with a company logo, text or a cool design. This time of year, many women wear the tank top as a lighter, more fashionable alternative to the T-shirt.

Mickey Castagna, vice president of sales at Alternative Apparel says that keeping the tank top up-to-date in the fashion world is important to his company. "At Alternative, we try to keep things fresh by putting a new spin on the classic tank. To stay on the cutting edge, we're constantly introducing tanks in new fabrications and colors. We also incorporate new trends, such as color-blocking, and change our silhouettes from season to season to appeal to buyers," says Castagna.

Alternative Apparel's bestselling tank for men is their Miggy Tank, made of cotton jersey; it's most commonly worn on the beach or at the gym. For women, the most popular style is the Burnout Tank, which received great ratings from celebrities for its edgy look and semi-sheer effect, Castagna says. 

The tank top is a great choice this season for tourists, beach lovers or anyone looking to catch a break from the summer heat and make a fashion statement. It can also be paired with your favorite button-down or long- sleeve shirt to add a splash of color."