Say it Loud with slogan T's

Look around malls and schools and you’ll see plenty of T-shirts that read “Say It Like You Mean It.” Big, bold letters and cheeky sayings are ubiquitous these days. “We do lots of slogans,” says Gina Barreca, director of marketing for Vantage Apparel, which offers in-house decoration. A few examples of the typical basic text order include promotions for bars, colleges and universities (along with social/academic clubs) as well as destination and travel-related organizations. “Companies often take advantage of printing on the front and back of the T-shirt,” she continues, “and many times will com- bine social media efforts or campaigns such as a Twitter hashtag.”

Honestly the ‘Slogan T’ is a cyclical trend that has just come back around. It's attractive to the 15-25 ages because it allows them to speak their mind without getting ‘hushed’ by anyone who doesn’t agree with their viewpoint. Text designs, while straightforward, do not have to be boring. For certain promotions and audiences (depending on budget), you can upscale a text-only imprint with special effect inks and interesting techniques.  It really depends on the goal of the design or use of the shirt. Is it for a special event or new product introduction? There are ways to elevate the imprint using glitter or gel or rhinestones.

There are several ways to add interest to any one-color artwork: distressing, gradients, half-tone effect, outlining the text or using a drop shadow. A slogan- style design can be made all the more compelling with the right special effect inks. Imagine using the slogan "Cold Steel on Ice" and printing this shirt with a Soft Metal Ink, or the slogan "Shhhhzizzle” in a metallic foil or a gooey glitter or even rhinestones or sequins. Adding special effects that complement the slogan really help drive home the message and add interest to the finished garment.