WINDSHIRTS: in and out of office wear


Golf season is soon to kick into high gear across the country. In addition to golf caps, gloves and those ubiquitous performance-wear polo shirts, pros and amateurs alike require windshirts when they take to the greens. 

Classic lightweight outerwear pieces, windshirts can add a trendy dimension to a golf outfit – and give wearers an added layer of warmth to keep the nip out on crisper days. When it comes to popular looks, half-zips are steadily replacing classic crews. Meanwhile, full-zips are gaining ground because they offer versatility. Quarter-zips are catching a lot of attention, too, with suppliers like SanMar seeing strong performance in the category. "Our new Sport-Tek piped colorblock ¼-zip wind shirt demonstrates the more sport-minded look with classic wind fabrication that is also a quieter fabric with a soft drape," says Shelly Renning, SanMar's general merchandise manager.

While the golf greens are fertile grounds for windshirts, these items are popular with other industries as well, including corporate and education. In some areas, says Renning, tastes in windshirts have been transitioning to more knit-based fabrications that offer ease of movement and cross-functionality, such as the Nike Golf Sport Cover-Up. "Wind pieces with knit fabrication are more applicable for in-and out-of-office wear," she says.

When it comes to embellishing these layering piece must-haves, there are decoratoring options. "Traditionally," says Renning, "windshirts are embroidered. But in the sports world, screen printing can be a beneficial approach for larger, more impactful logos."