For promotional boldness, choose red

Crisp, eye-catching and dramatic, red, white and black look super when acting as a single color palette.  From 2014 winter fashions by Peter Pilotto to brand-new spring designs by Antonio Berardi, this vibrant color combo is a fashion mainstay.

“Black, white and red are all core colors,” explains John Perez, marketing representative for Tri-Mountain.  “Black and white alone can be considered a neutral, and adding a splash of red (or potentially, any other color) makes them pop so much more.  This combo is a great way to bring attention to a specific color within a design, as each tone evokes a different feeling.”

Perez points out one very prominent brand that showcases this color scheme: Coke.  “Coco-Cola’s logo and products are built on this classic color scheme – and perhaps that’s why the brand is so classic,” he says.  He references a range of advertising mediums and other categories that make use of this triad, including fashion, interior design, footwear and art.

Perez feels this combo owes its effectiveness primarily to its red element.  “Red is such a beautiful, rich and vivid color and should be flaunted year-round as opposed to just during the winter holiday season,” he suggests.  “If you want to infuse some boldness into a promotional marketing campaign, choose red.”