Trend Alert: Pantone’s Color of the Year

The results are in: The Pantone Color Institute has officially named marsala its color of the year for 2015, predicting that this rich red-brown hue will continue to gain popularity in high-fashion collections and retail lines alike over the coming months. The trend has moved into the promotional market as well, where suppliers are taking advantage of marsala's popularity with deep red and red-brown hues in their apparel lines.

The design team at alphabroder saw the writing on the wall and jumped on the trend early, with maroon and burgundy inspired shades in their fall 2014 North End Sport Blue collection. “We'll see this color continue to uptrend across all product categories, specifically for fabrics that really bring out colors' depth," says Elson Yeung, alphabroder's director of private label design and merchandising. “We'll also be offering rust-colored apparel in our spring 2015 collection."

While the Pantone announcement indicates greater popularity in the near future for marsala, its related shades have already been selling well in the promotional sphere in recent years. Blue Generation, for example, has long offered burgundy for men and women, and it's currently one of the supplier's top 10 bestselling colors. “We offer twill and poplin wovens, polos and fleece hoodies in our deep, rich burgundy," says President Eric Rubin. “It's particularly popular in hospitality and restaurants because the dark color looks cleaner longer."

In addition, marsala is gaining momentum in active lifestyle brands, which often use nature-inspired tones in their garment offerings. “Marsala shades, for example, often turn up in Nevada's beautiful desert landscapes," says Yeung.