A Trend To Put Your Finger On

Gloves are an all-time favorite accessory.  They’re a high-visibility item and can be easily customized with your company logo.  Plus, they’re always available in a plethora of brand new styles and colors, guaranteeing high interest each winter.

One category that’s been developing considerably is touch-screen gloves.  Touch-screen gloves are unique because they allow users to interact with their smart devices without any barriers.  The secret is in the science – it makes use of your body’s bioelectric field, which passes through specially made conductive fibers.  According to Scott Henderson of Glider Gloves, “Touch-screen gloves are growing in popularity.  The variety currently available in the marketplace is proof of that.”

Mittens are also on trend this season.  Mittens are perfect for promotional marketing because they fit a wide size range.  Mittens can be easily used in many kinds of outdoor events.  Just look at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.  Everyone had red maple mittens and lines went around the block just to buy them!