Trend Spy: 1980's Apparel

Retro-styled apparel is ubiquitous this summer, especially the bright colors, wild prints and unique apparel trends that harken back to the 1980s. “All good trends cycle around,” says Mary Ellen Nichols, director of marketing communications for UltraClub. “The styles of the 1980s are no exception.” She provides some examples: “The flowy, sexy Flashdance necklines that once bared women’s shoulders have returned for young women with a style vengeance. Dolman sleeves as well as extra-loose tops and bottoms and sheer, billowy fabrics are hot this year and finally making it into the decorated-apparel spotlight.” Men’s styles are also a current hit, she says. “Tight-fitted men’s tees are all the rage. Present designs usually have more sophisticated, V-neck styling than the originals and are made with sumptuous soft cottons, triblends or burnouts.”
Another definite 1980s trend that’s being revamped involves color. “The brighter, the better!” Nichols says. “Neons are definitely back, along with happy stand-out colors, all of which are complemented by sleek blacks and navies, just as we saw 30 years ago.” Eighties retro trends are applicable across industry lines and age groups; optimistic, youthful and featuring an upbeat color palette, they’re perfect for everything from company marketing to fundraising events and even logo applications. Adults will adore these trends for their nostalgic properties, while kids and teens will take to their lively and whimsical traits.