Cultures across the world recognize red

Pantone’s Poppy Red, a daring hue with a splash of orange, has taken the fashion world by storm this summer. As a result, reds of all shades currently bedeck a great percentage of retail and high-end designs, including those by Vivienne Westwood, Ralph Lauren and Elie Saab. Transfixing and rich, red is a promotional apparel darling because of its eye-catching qualities and instant association with passion and energy.

“Red is one of the most influential colors in the spectrum,” says Jessie Kotur, director of operations at Corporate Image Outfitters LLC . “Few colors display the level of confidence that red does.” She explains that its timeless quality keeps it fresh: “It’s a primary color, yet it reinvents itself every season in fashion.” Kotur attributes part of red’s potency to the fact that it possesses a great deal of cultural significance, making it applicable to a wide range of end-users. “Cultures across the world recognize red, as it has a variety of meanings,” she says. “This alone means more end-users will wear it.”

It’s a particularly exciting outerwear option, especially because traditional colors in this category are chosen to blend in with the outdoors. “Wearing red in such a setting is unique,” Kotur says. “It brings a sense of one’s individual expression outside for everyone to notice and makes a fashion statement.” Practically any industry can make use of this hue, especially if a company wants to make its message heard loud and clear. “Because red is so powerful, it can get the purpose of any type of promotional campaign across in a bold manner,” Kotur says. “People are bound to pay attention to red; it makes a statement all on its own.”