Check Prints: Less formal & visually interesting

If there’s a trend to be transfixed by this summer, it’s check prints. The latest offerings from Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Balmain capitalize on this bold design with an amazing array of color combinations. Companies seeking innovative branding ideas would do well to take a closer look at this pattern.

“Cool, crisp, subtly regimented, ducks-in-a-row checkerboard designs are fashion thumbs-ups in today’s retail and promotional apparel space,” says Mary Ellen Nichols, director of marketing communications for Bodek and Rhodes. In corporate wear, Nichols says, check patterns are being used in dress shirts for a less formal look that still is visually interesting. “Checks can convey many themes to your audience,” she says, “from bold sophistication to an approachable, friendly, ‘let’s talk’ kind of tone to down-home comfort. It’s all in how the seasoned apparel pro approaches it.”

Nicole Manning, category manager for Leed’s, mentions that check patterns are demonstrative of retro trends. “This print is part of the bigger ‘what’s old is new again’ trend,” she says. “Geometric, graphic and ‘pop’ prints like women can wear black-themed jewelry and carry a black hand- bag; men can pair them with black shoes and a dress jacket.  These continue to gain momentum and can be seen everywhere, from the runways to the walls of art galleries.”

Manning suggests female-oriented, creative or forward-thinking organizations and industries as being ideal for check prints. Nichols mentions companies dealing with finance and business.  Because the pattern mimics a spreadsheet grid.