Sensual, Exciting and Energetic: Fuchsia

This intrepid, bold hue took the runways by storm last autumn when 2013’s spring and summer fashions were first unveiled. Designs by the likes of Alexis Mabille, Oscar de la Renta and Issa presented gorgeous new apparel styles drenched in this majestic hue. Whether comprising an entire garment or applied subtly as an accent or embellishment, fuchsia is recognized as an upbeat, feminine color with tons of pizzazz.

“Fuchsia is the color wheel’s most femininely playful hue, conveying something that’s sensual, exciting and energetic,” says Mary Ellen Nichols, director of marketing communications for Bodek and Rhodes. “Fuchsia exudes confidence in femininity, a bold exuberance to be where the action is. It’s one of the beacons on the spring runways this year.” 

Fuchsia is ideal for events and businesses that cater to women, such as health-related organizations and beauty salons, which can implement the color for use with promotional products or company logos.