Red: the go-to summer hue


The prominent presence of red caused quite a lot of excited hullaballoo during Fashion Week. Showcased in show stopping designs by Jean-Pierre Braganza, Saint Laurent and Chloe, red has become the go-to summer hue.

“Red is definitely in this year and will continue to get more and more popular,” says Meadow Lacy, brand manager for Sunday Afternoons Inc. “It’s a ‘confidence’ color and a great way to add a little pop of style to any outfit.” She contends that accessories in particular have been endowed with this powerful color. “Red has found its way into a lot of accessories; it’s exciting to see the effect it’s having on current styles and fashions overall,” she says.

Jenny Straub, marketing coordinator for Vitronic Promotional Group, explains how red managed to establish itself as the present focus of the fashion industry: “There has been a natural transition of reds over the past few seasons, starting with pale pinks and eventually ending with the deep oxblood reds evident in fall 2013 fashions.” She describes how to best use this authoritative hue when promoting your company: “Choose a specific product in red or add a little splash of it to your logo or tagline.”