Broadcloth Basics

Known for its tight weave and lustrous finish, broadcloth is a go-to fabric for professional apparel. Named for the way it was woven in widths greater than the standard 29 inches, today’s broadcloth continues as a popular shirt fabric. It is characterized by a slight crosswise ridge in one direction. The plain-weave fabric is usually woven from cotton or a cotton blend.

Taraynn Lloyd, of Edwards Garment, praises broadcloth for its clean, classic style, in addition to longevity. “Broadcloth shirts and blouses are an excellent choice for uniform programs because the fabric has a soft hand, it is easy to shape and style, and the fabric is incredibly durable and wearable,” she says. Edwards Garment makes its broadcloth shirts from a performance blend (65% polyester/35% cotton), which stands up to 50-plus washes without fading.

In addition, broadcloth lends itself to exceptional embroidery and emblematic decoration. The smooth hand and tight weave provide an excellent surface for embellishment. “Decoration on these shirts is a fantastic way to build brands and showcase a logo design,” Lloyd says.