Refreshing and Revitalizing: Teal

Refreshing and revitalizing, the traditional summer favorite of teal also works as a year-round revamped spin on turquoise, featuring a delicious combination of cool blues and greens.  Often referred to as a winter mint or blue spruce, teal, in it’s many shades, is excellent for any season because it can be paired with equally dramatic, saturated hues such as garnet and evergreen or neutrals such as ivory and charcoal. 

“Teal has it’s own flair and adds zest to the color palette,” says Taren Lloyd, director of marketing for Edwards Garment Co.  “Teal provides a subtle alternative to those who often select forest or hunter green wearables for their branded apparel program.”  She names restaurants, home improvement centers and landscaping services as perfect fits for the color, as they customarily implement blues and greens but are usually looking for something new to adopt. 

As a jewel tone, teal is just a touch darker than Pantone’s revered Lagoon, which was hailed as this year’s most popular color choice in fashion.  Combined with other saturated hues, teal is a superb choice, not just for wearables, but also for use in logo embroidery or screen-printing.