Pantone’s Color of the Year: Emerald


Crisp and earthy, emerald is Pantone’s official color of the year for 2013. This delectable shade of green falls on the blue side of the spectrum and is a notable favorite for promotional wear because it’s an excellent color to pair with other bright, saturated hues. Showcased prolifically in spring/summer runway designs by the likes of Vera Wang, Kenzo and Marni, this majestic gemstone hue is both classy and tasteful.

What qualities are associated with emerald? “Harmony, nature and rebirth,” says Paul Kory, vice president of sales for Dyenomite Apparel. “Emerald apparel is presently being featured by most retail outlets and major manufacturers, such as Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein.” Kory describes emerald as a wonderfully versatile hue in many respects. “It suits warm and cool complexions and works well with a variety of apparel styles,” he says, “which is ideal when you’re putting together an apparel program or looking to mix clothes for a night on the town or business meeting.”

Elson Yeung, product line manager and designer for Ash City, encourages anyone seeking updated colors for logos or promotional campaigns to consider not just emerald, but green in any shade. “Green can provide a very distinct visual presence. It can also give you an edge over traditional corporate-apparel designs, for which colors such as black and navy dominate every purchase order,” he says. Yeung also mentions the popularity of fern, which is similar to emerald: “Fern is a recent introduction of green that has a lot of fashionable appeal and has received tremendous feedback.”