Stylished and Structured Separates


The structured separates “catalog” this spring presents an innovative take on reliable corporate-wear classics. From women’s calf-length skirts and button-downs featuring embellished collars to men’s tailored blazers and cashmere sweaters, this season’s offerings for office-friendly apparel feature a whole new range of designs and styles.

Taraynn Lloyd, marketing director for Edwards Garment, explains that this revamped look in office attire is consistently evolving. “High fashion and structured separates have always gone hand in hand when it comes to image-apparel uniform programs,” she says. “As image apparel has evolved, new accent colors have been added to create new looks in support of effective corporate brand- ing.” The added color options can help create a program that still features traditional styles, yet offers more room for personalization. “The trend of matching colors for tops and bottoms is back and provides structure, simplicity and style,” Lloyd adds. “Match black pants with a black sweater and give the wearer the freedom to wear a colored tee or blouse underneath, and you have a fabulous look that is on trend.”

Lloyd points out that this trend would be most beneficial for industries seeking to enhance and enliven their corporate appearance. “Companies that are establishing their brand and using garments to achieve a spe- cific style should consider structured sepa- rates. Such companies can easily select a few styles in the same color to outfit their staff,” she says. Lloyd cites two of the most popular separate colors purchased, black and navy, and suggests this trend for a range of markets, including banks, hotels, museums and real estate agencies.