Expect to See Aquamarine in Fashion

Spotted in fabulous designs by Allude and Araisara during Paris Fashion Week 2013, aquamarine is enjoying a considerable following this season. A cross between mint and turquoise with a touch of pastel, this hue has a lively, refreshing vibe that can be successfully applied industry-wide.

Paul Kory, vice president of sales for Dyenomite , says aquamarine is a versatile apparel color. “Aquamarine is an excellent color for women’s apparel because it’s light and airy,” he says. “It’s also being worn by men via polo shirts and classic button-down shirts, as well as T-shirts and jackets.” Kory points out the hue’s youth-market appeal as well.

Mary Ellen Nichols, director of marketing communications for Bodek and Rhodes, illustrates aquamarine’s complex persona: “It’s a color that symbolizes energy and healing but also nurtures play, which is why it attracts the child in all of us.” She recommends it as an ideal hue for promotional campaigns that specifically focus on relieving the customer of all duty. “It’s the perfect color for promotional campaigns that say, ‘Relax and let us do the worrying for you.’” Finally, Kory makes note of aquamarine’s wide possibilities in terms of embellishments. “It can be screen printed and embroidered in almost any color, and the imprint will really pop,” he says. “Your imprint will look great whether it’s a left-chest logo embroidery or full- front screen-printed design.”