This holiday season, think beyond the traditional colors of Santa-suit red and holly green for cheery corporate apparel gifts. There are actually many hues that can symbolize this celebratory time of year. Here are a few alternative combos that will be chic and seasonal.

• Peacock blue or teal paired with silver or gold gets at the glitz and glam of the holiday season, suggesting a cool, ice-crystal theme with a bit of bling.

• Lime green and plum offer up a nod to traditional green and red but with a modern twist. A lime T-shirt with a plum logo provides a youthful zeal that says holiday fun. Or, go with a plum garment as a base with a tonal print for an upscale, mature impression.

• Cranberry and evergreen combine in an appealing holiday palette for conservative audiences. Unlike bright red and green, cranberry and evergreen or other jewel tones look fashionable well beyond the holidays.

Winter whites with metallic accents and/or rhinestones remain sophisticated and stylish year-round but provide a thematic tie- in to any winter wonderland messaging.