If you’re thinking of investing in tops for your organization this autumn, think bright! Attention-grabbing and visually stimulating tees, tanks, fleece and the like are a surefire way to get your business noticed. Whether you’re outfitting a staff or promoting a new restaurant with giveaway T-shirts, vivid hues such as turquoise, bright pink and raspberry should be on your palette. According to Mary Ellen Nichols, director of marketing communications for Bodek and Rhodes, one reason for this color trend involves a continuing effort to bolster the nation’s financial optimism. “In tough economic times, brighter colors prevail,” she says. She adds that these hues help build confidence. “It’s the lively spirit behind such colors that’s responsible,” Nichols says. “These are happy colors that appeal to the playful inner child in all of us.”

In addition, bright colors catch the eye more quickly. Your organization is more apt to be noticed and turn heads when employees wear something bright.  We believe such hues are necessary to stimulate sales and bring in customers. Customers get tired of seeing the same colors and styles over and over again.

 Organizations that benefit from bright tops include trade show staffers, sports teams, restaurants and hospitality chains as well as anyone conveying a positive, happy and feel-good demeanor in their corporate message. Also businesses that target women are ideal for bright colors, such as women’s organizations, salons, spas and the health-care.