It's Your Logo. What are you doing with it?


It never ceases to amaze me how entrepreneurs spend money to create a clever, eye-catching logo only to place it on their web site, business card and maybe stationary leave it at that.   I mean, come on…. it’s you logo, your brand.  Get it out there where people can see it as much as possible.  A lot of people don’t know that when they wear their logo on apparel, it’s a great tax write off and fantastic advertising.  Wear it daily and you’ve turned yourself into a walking billboard.  You read article after article on the perfect elevator pitch, but never how to instigate the conversation in the first place.  Wearing your colorful logo proudly will surely get people asking you “What is (fill in the blank)”.  There you go…there’s that window of opportunity you were hoping for.  Now, lay your best sales pitch on them. 

What else can you do with that logo?  Well, you do give holiday gifts don’t you? Jacketsmessenger bags and caps make terrific presents, so why not have your logo embroidered on them and let your friends and family market your business?  It’s another fun, non-pushy way to have people get your brand noticed around town and yes, it’s also tax deductible advertising.   What about client thank you gifts?  It doesn’t have to be extravagant.  A nice, affordable travel mug to keep your name and logo front and center throughout the year never hurts.  Some calls them for referral and they look down and voila…. there’s your logo staring them right in the face!

So, let’s see…. you’ve taken care of holiday and client thank you gifts, created some marketing pieces and added another tax deduction to your year end.  Wow, no brainer if you ask me.