Work Wear’s New BFF: Bonded Fleece

“We have a very innovative fabric that we call Flex Fleece,” says Jessica Strain, sales/marketing administrator for Dri Duck Traders. The 100% polyester Flex Fleece has an anti-pill finish, four-way stretch and is breathable and-wind resistant. “Bonded fleece has been in the market place for years,” Strain says, “but until the fall of 2009, it was not a common fabric in the work wear market. Dri Duck created a heavyweight bonded fleece with styling that appealed to the work wear market.” After a successful run with a Flex Fleece vest, Dri Duck has rolled out even more styles.

Strain explains the variety of applications that are perfect for Flex Fleece work wear. Within the automotive industry, for example, “the four-way stretch capabilities of Flex Fleece allow the wearer ease of mobility while working in tight spaces,” she says. “For construction, Flex Fleece is wind-resistant and breathable, making it the perfect fit for someone who works in the out- door element.”

It’s not uncommon for fabric innovations to take time to transfer over to the promotional apparel market- place. Uniforms are frequently one of the first arenas to embrace fabric advances. DOW XLA, for example, is one of the more recent textile applications to make headway. This olefin-based stretch fiber can be blended with fibers like cotton or wool to enhance the way clothes look, last, feel and move.