Knit hats: the perfect promotional accessory


Looking for something to give your clients to keep their head and ears warm while making a fun, fashion statement?  Knit hats make the perfect promotional accessory for all situations. And with plenty of styles and colors available, knit hats have suddenly become a year-round trend. That's what's so great about putting your logo on a knit hat.  There's a style that fits almost any wearers personality.

One style that more end-users have been inquiring about is the knit cap with the fabric brim. The radar hat has a design styled from the hat Radar O'Reilly wore on M*A*S*H.

The military trend that was worn in the 70’s television series is now stylish with today’s youth.  From a fashion standpoint, the brim is beneficial to keep weather out of the wearer's face.

Another popular trend is patterned knit hats. If a hat has a camo design or fun logo embroidered on it, people want to wear it. 

So why has the knit hat become so trendy? Two reasons: the cooler months are here and it's something that won't take up much space. It's fabric, so it can be folded up and thrown in a glove compartment or a coat pocket.  Your clients will love the idea of owning something that is trendy and easy to manage when not being worn.